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Igniter Talent

This application is part of the suite of application for Igniter Strategies. Igniter Talent is a tool for sales hiring managers to use for assessing potential new hires prior to interview. The application administers an assessment and produces a report for the hiring manager, as well as customized interview questions.

For UI/UX design and development, this project involved leading the design team, wireframing and prototyping, user testing, and design process management.

Front end development involved implementing a fast, responsive design for multiple device targets, complex interfaces for large data sets, and numerous interactive data visualizations.

Back end development involved relational database design, server side MVC code framework, task and event driven automation, encryption and authentication, and API integrations.

Project Name: Igniter Talent
Visit Website: igniterstrategies.com/ignitertalent
Backend: PHP, MySQL
Front End: Javascript, JQuery, SVG, JSPDF, Highcharts
Design/SVG: Illustrator, Photoshop

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